Walt Morey (1907-1992)

Award winning American children's author. Born in  Washington in 1907. Although not academically minded (he did not enjoy school at all and did not even read a book until the age of thirteen!) he eventually became a very successful author, firstly of short stories, then novels, many of which have been published all over the world and won a number of awards. A few have been made into films or TV adaptations. Most of his books are about the relationship between children and animals and many are set in Alaska, where he lived for a time and loved. Possibly best known for the book Gentle Ben about a bear which was made into a popular 1960s TV show and a later film.

He wrote two pony stories of the ranching/boy meets wild horse type. One of them was made into a film in 1983.

There is an excellent article from the Oregon Magazine (link on the right) which gives lots more biographical information.

Pony Books:

(DUTTON [USA] 1973)
Reprinted in hardback and also in paperback.
SUMMARY: Jeff captures the beautiful wild red stallion, in order to keep him safe from the ranchers who want to shoot him for stealing their mares. He names the horse Goblin, but he ignores the warning that with such breeding, the horse is bound to belong to someone - someone who will be along to claim him backů.

(DUTTON [USA] 1976)
(1st UK edition COLLINS 1977)
Reprinted in hardback and paperback in America
Also reprinted in paperback in the UK
There was also a 1983 film made called The Wild Pony which was based on the novel.
SUMMARY: Historical pony story. Chris dreams of capturing and taming the beautiful black pony he sees running wild. But when his father is killed in an accident he must take over duties on the farm and no longer has time for the pony. Will he ever achieve his dream?

Collector's Info:
Both books are easy to find in the USA. Year of the Black Pony is easy to find in the UK, especially the British paperback editions, although Runaway Stallion is a lot harder to get hold of outside the US. It did not have a British printing.